Different check for $1,574 on the same date for 2 rooms.

Where you making reservations for 4 rooms?

Do you see arrival? December 2nd through December 9th.

Bernard Kilpatrick listed on one of the bills. Credit for $1,735.

Judge calls for 20 minute break. Bullotta just slammed us with evidence again. I can only imagine how hard it is with the jury to keep up with the constant onslaught of checks, invoices, dates and numbers.

10:39AM Just overheard in the courtroom , U.S. Attorney Michael Bullotta saying "that got a little hairy." Referring to the earlier testimony of Edgar. Edgar, Christine Beatty's sister, has actually sat in watching earlier court sessions. 

Meanwhile on the 1st floor of the courthouse, Kwame was seen having a heated discussion with his defense lawyer Jim Thomas. They were walking just outside the concession store located there where Kwame had loaded up on coffee with several creamers. Bobby Ferguson was also in the store getting some break snacks.

10:50AM Judge re-enters courtroom.

But Kwame and Bobby not back in yet so have to wait for session to start again. Thomas tells judge they are on their way.

Here they come. Kwame is holding a blue folder.

Where is Gerald Evelyn, lawyer for Bobby, asks the judge.

"Must have run to snack shop for pizza today," says Judge Edmunds.

Judge says lets just go ahead. Mike Rataj and Susan Van Dusen are in court for Bobby. Evelyn walks in.

10:53AM Edgar back at the stand to continue testimony.

Bullotta continues. Asks witness to look at KCF 65. More checks.

First page. 1. A check dated June 6th 2005 for $883.21 to AVIS.

Why did you write check? Date wrong. 2005. this was for lawyers who came to town.

2. check for $745 on right date of June 6th 2008 to AVIS.

3. check July 15th 2008 to AVIS for $745 to AVIS.

4. August 6th 2008 for $762 to AVIS.

5. Check for $850 on 9/29/08 to AVIS.

KCF 66- check to NWA on June 19th 2008 for $1,386. The handwriting not Edgar's. this was for flights for Kwames 3 kids. Witness doesn't know where they

2. $462 to NWA on June 19th 2008. Initially CK 1.

Witness says mayor asked for her to write checks. Gave them to EPU to take to airport to pay for flights

Check to Irvine Marriott for $550 on July 15th 2008.