KCF 70- overnight FEDEX invoice.

KCF 71- Marriott Hotel bill.

Check consistent with check number.

Do you know why Carlita was traveling to Irvine? No.

KCF 67- another check.

Check for Gaylord Texan $3,750 on June 24th 2008. Mayor told her to write it.

KCF 68- Hotel bill. for the Gaylord Texan. Reservation for Carlita Kilpatrick. $1,875 CR.

Do you know if reservation canceled? No I can't recall.

Line says canceled but had paid with check.

Do you know if civic Fund got money back? Don't remember that.

On September 2008, did you attend meeting on Civc Fund? Yes.

Witness says mayor told her to go. It was at Manoogian Mansion. She was there, Jonathan Quarles, Kandia Milton, Ayanna, Eric Rayford. It was in the dining room. Mayor led the meeting. Talked about how the funds would be distributed. Witness would be paid for book keeping and moving costs.

What did the mayor say was happening to the Civic Fund? Don't remember exactly. The funds being distributed. Fund was winding down.

What did he say would happen? Distributed to different charity and organizations.

Witness says that it was also to pay for mayor's moving costs.

Witness thinks Kandi also spoke at the meeting.

KCF 78- 2 more checks. Signed again by witness.

1. $5,000 to BDM Transport dated September 16th 2008. Moving costs for the mayor.

2. $2,000 to BDM Transport dated September 19th 2009. More moving costs.

Soon after he resigned did you meet mayor somewhere to give checks? Yes at an apartment.

Witness reads Regality Management Systems.

1. September 19th 2008 to Regality Management services for $1,050. Property Management Services.

2. Security deposit $2,350 September 19th 2008.

3. $9,400 for 4 month lease to Regality Management on September 19th 2008 as well.

KCF 82- check to Great Wolf Lodge for Carlita and family on October for $1,228.64