KCF 83- Invoice for Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine Texas. Shows Carla Kitchen alias. shows arrival and departure dates. shows advance deposit for $1,228.64. Lists Camp Critter services for kids.

Hotel has an indoor water park. Note that says that April Edgar called to put reservation under another name because of media but will have photo ID.

KCF 84A- check to DeDan Milton for consulting for $5,000 on November 19th 2008. Ayanna told witness to do it.

KCF 72- witness recognizes her signature. To Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society. July 9th 2008. Check for $5,000. Witness doesn't recall what it was for.

All these checks to date have been Civic fund checks.

KCF 85- cashier's check to pay University Moving company. From Bank of America for $15,042.69 on December 5th 2008. Ayanna gave her directions. Witness thinks Ayanna met her at Bank of America. Kandia was at the bank to sign as well.

Purchased by the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Done at the downtown Guardian building.

KCF 88- another check to Athenaeum International Banquet for $2,500 on May 5th 2009.

Do you know Marvel Cheeks? Kwame's grandfather.

Was the party for him? I don't know.

Who would you say was in charge of the Civic Fund? From the time I took over the mayor.

Would he ever ask questions about the Civic Fund balance? Yes would get balance from the bank.

What was it? $80,000 maybe $100,000.

In early February 2009, did you attend a party for Kwame? I don't know if it was a party but a gathering when Kwame got out of jail.

At the time did Kwame give you anything? Yes cash to pay off credit card bills. $3.000 to $4,000.

Witness took it to First Independence Bank and paid bill.

Witness left mayor's office in September 2008. took another job with Xcel Construction. Calvin Hall and Woodhouse interview

Nneka Cheeks? The mayor's cousin.

Jamilla Evans? Yes the mayor's cousin.

Emma Bell? Yes. I met her through Arthur Blackwell, through family.

Witness says Emma Bell made deposit into the Civic Fund and witness told mayor.

Did you personally go to the Great Wolf Lodge? Yes. I did. I went with family at the time. In Sandusky Ohio. Also a water park.

How did you pay for it? The Civic Fund.

I talked to the mayor and he said to do it.

Did you do anything related to Civic Fund? Yes.