Yet another check. KCF 72. Page 2. Check to Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society on September 4th 2008 for $10,000.

11:30AM Thomas cross examines.

When did you begin work for mayor? As scheduler in 2006.

First job as scheduler? Yes.

What it was like to work for him? It was great, great experience. "I loved my job."

Was he a very active person? Yes.

You kept a calendar? Yes, Groupwise.

When he was mayor of Detroit, he was head of Civic Fun in early years. Where you around? No.

Witness says when she first started she was not a signer on the Fund.

Witness says that at first, she thought that the mayor's work and Civic fund was all together.

What was mood around text message scandal? It was terrible. Very dark, very sad.

Media? It was terrible. In his face. He couldn't breathe.

In 2008, can you recall issues mayor addressing? Text message scandal, he went to Canada and went to jail for a day.

Looking at checks going out for AVIS? Attorneys were coming in for Kwame.

Did you get to know Kwame? Yes.

Did you trust him? Yes.

Did you think he'd ask you to do anything wrong? No.

When writing checks did you think he was asking you to do anything illegal? No.

When his image was suffering did you see drop of contributions to Civic Fund? No.

You know that Emma Bell did fund-raising? Yes.

Were you aware of Kwame's fund-raising ability affected by negative image? Don't know.

Kwame writing notes that he passes to Naughton to pass to Thomas.

William Phillips position on Civic Fund? He was lawyer for the Fund.

Did you consult with him? Do not recall consulting with him.

Do you recall him coming to you for $30,000 for his firm? I don't recall.