I think everybody knows that when construction in the Rochester/Rochester Hills corridor is completed, it’s going to be great. But at the moment, people who live in this part of Oakland County have reached the "are you kidding?" threshold.

You’ll remember earlier this summer Local 4 did the story on Main Street in downtown Rochester being completely shut down because the road couldn’t accommodate the weight of vehicles.

The original road underneath was built for horse and buggy traffic. 

So, Livernois became one of the main detours for all the people living north trying to get to jobs south.

Well, now the north-south bridge at Livernois is shut down for repairs, which means much of the northern suburbs, which rely on these roads, are choked off with no easy way to get from point A to point B.

Josy Foisy of Rochester Hills lives three minutes from work…usually…not any more.

The good news is the Rochester Road/Main Street construction will be completed by July 20th, just in time to become the new detour for Livernois traffic, which will be choked off with the bridge closure at Avon until November.

IMAGES: Rochester Main Street makeover under way

Published On: May 15 2012 09:31:53 AM EDT

Main Street in Rochester is getting a makeover.

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