ROYAL OAK, Mich. -

In the aftermath of an explosion that destroyed a home and killed a man in Royal Oak, Consumers Energy is working to calms fears that it could happen to others.

The explosion happened shortly after crews finish work on a gas main on Cooper Avenue near Woodward Avenue and Normandy Road.

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Residents in the area are understandably on edge.

"We are going to be monitoring the presence of gas. We will work with them as best as we can," said Consumers Energy spokeswoman Debra Dodd.

Dodd told Local 4 that the first thing anyone should do if they smell natural gas is call Consumers Energy.

Royal Oak Fire Chief Chuck Thomas adds that you can buy gas detectors for your home.

"They are usually 50 to 75 dollars from a store. In my house I have one on each level of the house. You don't want one just on one floor," said Thomas.

Investigators have determined that a service line to the home was damaged when a new gas line was being installed on the street. The leak is what most likely caused the accident.

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