The TV show with all the celebs taking to the dance floor has its new cast, and that's what seems to be ruling the Internet on Monday, according to Google Trends.

Don't worry, fans of the TV show "Dancing With the Stars" don't have to know the new cast if they don't go looking for it or hear it from anyone with a computer, TV, eyes, ears, etc.

Regardless, no one will have time to watch any shows once Madden NFL 12 is officially released this week. Yes, this is the 12th edition to the wildly addictive video game. Some would consider this a way of life that is quite possibly more important than the actual NFL.

Meanwhile, don't forget about America's biggest tennis tournament, the U.S. Open. Hurricane Irene threatened to postpone this Queens, New York, tradition, but the rounds of tennis started Monday as the city began to dry itself off.

Take a look at the top 20 keywords on Google Trends as of Monday afternoon:

dancing with the stars 2011, us open tennis, algeria, sirius, chick fil a, clp, kreayshawn, honda generators, cmp, eid al fitr, jay z, arian foster, corpus, ui, usopen, madden 12, polaris, labor day, van gogh, alfred hitchcock


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