Dearborn couple comes forward as 2nd $1 million Powerball winner from Nov. 28 drawing

The Michigan Lottery: Eugene, Nancy Gaspar won $1 million in record Powerball jackpot

Published On: Dec 05 2012 01:21:43 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 05 2012 06:53:54 PM EST

The Michigan Lottery announced Wednesday that a Dearborn couple is one of two $1 million winners to win a piece of the record Nov. 28 Powerball pie.

Eugene and Nancy Gaspar of Dearborn came forward to claim the prize. The winning ticket was sold at CVS Pharmacy located on Ford Road in Dearborn.

The Michigan Lottery said the Gaspars have had a good life together.

In a statement the Lottery said "In the 56 years they have been married, they worked hard to raise a good family, and served each other faithfully as each of them battled cancer. However, as they traveled down the road of retirement, there was some anxiety: would they have enough resources to make ends meet as they grew older?"

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Eugene played a combination of his grandchildren’s birthdates on the ticket.

Eugene and Nancy Gaspar

"I was in shock, numb," said Gaspar, who recognized the win as the numbers came up during the televised drawing on Nov. 28th.

What will the family do with the money? "I can’t think of anything I really need, we’ve had a good life," said Gaspar.

The Michigan Lottery says the couple agreed that they would focus for now on Christmas for their four children and four grandchildren.

"We won’t have any money worries in the future," Gaspar said.

Other Winners:

Late last week, a Freeport woman came forward to claim the other $1 million prize won in Michigan, reported

Both Mich. winners matched five numbers but, missed the red Powerball number.

The $587.5 million jackpot was the largest ever in the history of the game.

The winning numbers for the drawing were 05-16-22-23-29 and power ball was number 06.

The two winning tickets to match all six numbers were purchased in Missouri and Arizona.

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~$587.5 million jackpot winners from Missouri ~

The Michigan Lottery collected $20.1 million in Powerball sales during the drawing which was a record for the state, according to Mlive.

In August a 44-year-old former railroad engineer from Lapeer, Mich. claimed a $337 million Powerball jackpot.

Lawson's win was the largest single jackpot win in the history of the Michigan Lottery and the third largest in the history of the Powerball.

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