Anyone planning to travel through Detroit Metro Airport will be paying for the Turkia Mullin controversy.

Airline fees and customer sales fund the Wayne County Airport Authority Board's bankroll. Now, some of the funding has been ordered to pay legal fees for violating the Open Meetings Act in hiring now-former CEO Mullin.

If Mullin, who is suing the Airport Authority for wrongful termination, can prove she was wrongfully fired, $700,000 from that same fund would be used to pay her.

Wayne County activist Robert Davis said he will go to court to try to stop that from happening.

He said Mullin should not receive a single penny because her contract is not worth the paper it is written on and that he will use board members' emails to prove that.

"That's more than enough to keep Turkia Mullin from getting that illegal $700,000," he said.

Davis does not want to see the cost of airline tickets go up or the costs for airport goods and services rise. Most importantly, he said, he doesn't want any airport workers to lose their jobs because the Airport Authority had to pay off Mullin.

Davis plans to file a motion Tuesday.