There is more and more talk of the lights being turned off in Detroit.

In an effort to save money, the city’s stripped budget could eliminate half of the city’s street lights.

But Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee told Local 4 it creates a challenge when fighting crime has to be balanced with using limited recourses.

“You’re going to look at your more densely-populated areas, that’s where you’re going to focus your limited resources.  But the areas that are less lit are probably the ones, if you had to go from a sheer safety alone standpoint, you may need the biggest investment there,” Godbee said. “But do you invest in lights where you don’t have population?”

Godbee also said he hopes people in sparsely-populated areas don’t think the city is forcing them to move out by turning off the lights.

Godbee will be on Flashpoint with Local 4’s Devin Scillian on Sunday, May 27.

He’s been under fire for the city’s crime problem. But he answers his critics during the Flashpoint interview.