Some Detroit municipal union leaders say striking is one of several options being discussed during ramped-up strategy sessions before new contract talks with the city begin.

American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees Council 25 spokesman Ed McNeil says no strike vote has been taken "at this point."

McNeil said "people are looking at the system itself and are pretty disgusted with the city."

Union strategy sessions have become more agitated since Mayor Dave Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder approved a consent agreement that avoided appointment of an emergency manager in Detroit but now calls for steeper benefit cuts and more work rules concessions.

Detroit has an accumulated budget deficit of $265 million. Bing wants to cut more than 2,500 jobs and shave $250 million in annual expenses.

Detroit, state work together on consent agreement

The city and state approved a consent agreement last month to try to stave off the possibility of an emergency manager.

Under the agreement, Bing will need to create the positions of a new chief financial officer and a program manager and then hire them with approval by the governor.

The governor, mayor and city council also have a month to appoint a nine-member financial advisory board to help run the city.