Doorman In Chrysler Ad Has Own Celebration

Christopher Roddy Is Doorman At Detroit's Guardian Building

Published On: Nov 24 2011 01:17:11 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 17 2011 05:20:42 AM EST

A Detroiter featured in Chrysler viral Super Bowl ad is getting some appreciation as he celebrates his first birthday as a local celebrity.

Christopher Roddy is a doorman at the Guardian Building. He made an appearance in Chrysler's two-minute "Born of Fire" commercial, which also featured Eminem.

"People have acknowledged me. People that I don't know come up every day and say, 'You're the guy in the commercial. You did a good job,'" Roddy said. "So, I'm happy to be a part of the commercial, to be a part of something that's positive for the city of Detroit and the citizens of Detroit."

The commercial showcased Detroit with landmarks such as Joe Louis' fist and the Fox Theatre. It ended with the marketing slogan: "Imported From Detroit."

Roddy said he had a "really good time" shooting the commercial.


Spinning off the ad, which has sparked national conversations, the automaker is now selling T-shirts with the "Imported From Detroit" slogan on them and has also put up a giant ad of the new Chrysler 200 on the side of its headquarters in Auburn Hills.

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