Canton police said a 51-year-old driver accidentally drove into a coffee shop on Ford Road Friday morning.

Police said the driver hit the gas instead of the brake and ended up crashing into the Biggby Coffee near Canton Center Road.

No one was hurt but the store suffered damage.

Owner Richard Zuniga said the rain might have saved lives because the coffee shop wasn’t as busy as it usually is.

“On Friday, normally we would roll through 60 to 80 customers in an hour at that time, between 7 and 8 o’clock, which would have meant a constant line to the door,” he said.

Barista Nick Shirmer said he first heard the crash before he saw it.

“The car was still coming forward when I was leaping back. It was an experience, I’ll say that. It was nothing I would expect, I’m a little shaken up," he said.