"He also states that if his hair was on the victim it was because he was in Busch's car hundreds of times, which seems to put Christine Mihelich in Chris Busch's car," Chris King said.

As for Chris Busch, he cannot be prosecuted or questioned because he is dead. His body was found with a bullet between the eyes in a Bloomfield Hills home in November 1978. It was ruled a suicide. The victims families' aren't convinced. They were never told about Busch as a suspect when he was found dead. Never told that police found these blood-stained ropes in his house -- the ropes were kept in an evidence locker for years, but now have gone missing. Also, in Christopher Busch's bedroom, this frightening drawing of a young boy being tortured. It has never been seen by the public before now. Police immediately recognizing the similarities to 11-year-old victim Mark Stebbins -- abducted in Ferndale on Feb. 15, 1976. His dead body found four days later.

Remember Busch died in 1978, but police never told the families about this drawing

"I don't really want to tell you what I'm thinking about that picture," said Mike Stebbins, Mark Stebbins' brother.

Police never even told Mike Stebbins there was a drawing. He asked Local 4 to provide him with a copy saying he wants to see it. He wants the public to see it, so that someone will take action. He says you can tell by the hair, the coat, the face, that the drawing is of his brother.

"And that hurts me so freaking bad," Stebbins said.

Jill Robinson is the only one of the four victims not smothered to death. She was abducted Dec. 22, 1976. Her body was found four days later. She was shot with a 12-gauge shotgun. James Gunnels, the man whose hair was found on victim Kristin Mihelich's blouse, told police that when he was with Chris Busch at the Ess Lake cottage, Busch taught him how to shoot a 12-gauge shotgun.

The families want Busch's cottage and all other known Busch properties searched.

"I've been tearing myself up for 35 years -- because there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about this," Ascroft-McAvoy said.

On Tuesday, the Defenders were at the Ess Lake cottage up north. And so was a Wayne County prosecutor and an investigator. Wayne County is involved because Tim King's body was found in Livonia. To date, no search warrants have been executed at the home. Police did search Busch's home in Bloomfield Hills. They did not get a positive DNA match. The families were told it's too expensive to search other properties.

But the King family is offering to pay the bill. Police and prosecutors have discussed taking this evidence to a grand jury, but the plan has not moved beyond the discussion stage.

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