Eastpointe Police Officer Randy Diegel's partol car was hit by an alleged drunk driver in April.

Officer Diegel was hurt when Brian Osmond, allegedly driving drunk, smashed into him on Gratiot. A husband and wife witnessed the crash and quickly rushed to help the lifeless officer who was lying in the middle of the road.

A husband and wife driving home witnesses the crash. The husband rushed up to Officer Diegel, who was lying in the middle of the road.

"What he did was, he got out of his car and ran up to me. He called for help on my radio, " Diegel said.

Minutes alter, helped arrived. If it weren't for the 2 strangers who stopped, Diegel may not have survived.

He met those strangers a few months ago on Local 4 News Morning.

Diegel and his K9 partner Tiko, who also received minor injuries in the crash, will return to work October 25th. That will be the six month anniversary of the crash.

"That's going to be go time for me. Six months to the day. I can't wait," Diegel said.