Embryo Mix-up Couple Gets Twins From Surrogate

Ohio Woman Gave Birth To Michigan Couple's Baby After Wrong Embryo Implanted

Published On: Oct 02 2011 05:44:35 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 26 2011 03:52:39 AM EDT

An Ohio woman who gave birth to a Michigan woman's baby after a fertility clinic mix-up says she and her husband are new parents again.

Carolyn and Sean Savage say a surrogate mother has given birth to their twin daughters. The suburban Toledo couple says Reagan and Isabella were born Aug. 11.

The Savages found out about the pregnancy before Christmas after repeated attempts to have more children with embryos they harvested. They have three other children.

Carolyn Savage delivered a baby boy two years ago after she was implanted with the wrong embryo at a clinic. She then gave the child to his biological parents, a couple in Utica, Mich.

Savage is unable to carry another baby because of difficulties during her earlier pregnancies.

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