Mike Bullotta for government.

Bell grew up in Georgia. also lived in NY. Came to Michigan in 1971-72.

Bullotta asks how she is. There is water there for you.

Did you get in fund-raising. Involved with the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Detroit. Former Mayor Coleman Young running for office and I volunteered to work for him. Help put on a Valentine Ball at Cobo Hall.

Over the years have worked for various politicians. Learned fund-raising on the job.

First really worked for was Bill Lucas who was sheriff and became a county executive.

Learned how to ask people for money.

Took job with bill Lucas in the 80s. she was an administrative aide. did community work and some fund-raising.

In 1990, worked as consultant with Wayne County Commissioner. Was Director of Public affairs with them for 10 years.

Met Kwame's mother Carolyn cheeks Kilpatrick and Bernard in the 1970s. In the Shrine of Black Madonna.

ell says she sees Kwame and Bernard Kilpatrick in court.

Bell knows Kwame since 1971-72.

It was a good relationship with the family. Went to the same church. "We called it the struggle."

We had more of a relationship than through the church. Kwame not too much older than my son and his sister and we had a good relationship.

Bullotta asks about 2003. She did fund-raising for Kwame in 2003 with Kilpatrick for Mayor. Later, also Kilpatrick Inaugural committee and Kilpatrick Civic Fund. And later for the Legal Defense Fund.

Kilpatrick for Mayor was campaign funds. Inaugural Committee you can't take funds from city or campaign to do different projects like community balls and programs with kids. Celebrations of being elected and then being sworn on. She thinks this was at the Fox. The Inaugural Ball was either Winter Garden or Marriott.

Kilpatrick Civic Fund did things with cub scouts football team on northwest side, did things in different communities, get out the vote. Basically things to help the community. Helped raise funds towards the end.

Bell did not get paid at first. Got paid with Committee to Re-elect and the Inaugural. Initially, not paid for Civic Fund.

Kilpatrick for Mayor- worked with team of women, Go Van Inc, and 2 gentlemen. Mike Tardif and Xype. Mostly 4 or 5 women involved though.

Eventually became major fund-raiser for Kwame.

Raised money for Civic Fund. Event probably held maybe June or July. The Civic Fund is where corporations could give checks, held at hotel in Greektown. Most letters were not sent through US Post, mostly Evites via email.

Bell worked out of her home and office by Post Office. Had an office with the team. Go Van may have been in Livonia.

Had fax and Xerox machine at home.

Bullotta hands document to Bell. She says it's an Evite asking people to participate in the fund-raiser. First page is a fax transmittal form. Bell says either she or Angela Burris sent it. Letter attached to the fax and attached to that is what the Kilpatrick Civic Fund did. A description.

Bullotta submits evidence.