Thomas says those are the wagers, no reason to disagree with that. Yes.

Thomas says you subtract the amount you win and you come up with the money you won or lost that year.

$15,924 that you lost over the year in 2003, right? Long pause. Yes.

Thomas says would you agree that you are more likely to be spending time at the casino when you had money? Bet more when you have money in your can underneath your bed? Bell sometimes you feel lucky sir and sometimes you don't.

Bell says I would have to be worried because I have bills to pay.

Thomas says would you agree that the fatter you are in terms of money, the more likely your are to gamble. Yes.

Can we infer from your gambling activity on any day, whether you have money. Yes sir. Bell sounds tired and a little defeated.

In 2006, she put in play $569,868.34 at the casino. Yes says Bell.

In 2007, does your gambling increase asks Thomas? Yes sir.

Did you lose in 2006, more than 39k? Yes sir.

In 2007, more than $63,000? Yes sir.

In 2008, gross wages was $803,022 waged and $82,875 lost. Yes sir.

Thomas says you are betting more at the casino than you've got. Fair statement. Yes says Bell.

Thomas says money is certainly not on paper, but you had money under the bed.

Thomas says we are talking about 2008. Going to change subject. Do you remember Splash of Red Party?

Bell says it was his birthday. "He had a beautiful party."

In 2006, he had a party for his birthday. Bell says it was packed..

Thomas says do you remember don Barton putting money in a box? Yes.

Bell says I remember people going up to Kwame to say happy birthday. Saw a few putting money in the box.

Bell could hear Barton soliciting people to put money in box.

Could you hear talk about giving 5k? "I did but he often said things that he wouldn't do."

Thomas says you know he's dead right? Yes I know he's dead.

Thomas says you agreed to plea agreement filed on October 3rd 2011? Yes sir.

This came after 10 or more meetings with government? Bell says I'll be honest I can't remember how many.

Thomas counts them up: 9.