Bell says she last met with government on Monday or Tuesday.

Thomas asks how many times this year? Bell says i met with them but couldn't tell you how many times.

Bell says government would never tell me what to say.

Maam says Thomas you said that agent Sauer talked to you. Bell says he showed me a chart, that was my life.

Thomas says you knew you were implicating yourself in an offense that you may never come out of jail for. Yes says.

Thomas says did you see on paper that your statutory maximum was 5 years? Yes.

Did you know that you'd be sentenced to guidelines? Yes sir.

Did you know it was 18 to 24 months? Yes sir.

Thomas says that you would have to go to jail? that's clear sir.

Prison says Thomas. You see prison as a much more serious place than jail? Yes sir.

Thomas says you don't want to go to prison? Yes sir.

Thomas says you have a hope that after your testimony that the judge may not send you to jail. "That's my hope and prayer."

Thomas says so are you asking for God's intervention.

Thomas says you are aware that if the government is not happy with your testimony than they don't have to reduce your sentencing guideline?

12:54PM Bullotta redirects.

Bell says  "Only 2 people in this room other than God that know what happened. And that's me and Mr. Kilpatrick."

Bullotta asks did we tell you what to say? No sir.

Do you know how many times you met and it was over 200,000 thousand? Yes sir.

Bullotta says when you met him you only paid 8 to 10 thousand. Yes sir.

Audio issues can't hear everything.

Bell says I gave him different amounts. Once it was on November 27th, my birthday.

12:57PM Thomas redirects.

Bell says I've been to Kwame's house sir.

Were his family and EPU there?

How many times did you meet him?