Seems Bobby Ferguson's leather jacket isn't keeping him warm enough in the courtroom. "It's cold in there!" he told Local 4. Said he was going to have to get some gloves.

Bernard and Kwame were clustered outside the courtroom with their lawyers, talking very seriously. Bobby was joking in the hallway, probably happy to be out of the hot seat today.

Not sure what Victor Mercado is up to.

10:52AM Emma Bell takes the stand again after break.

Bullotta asks if Bell ever told Kwame about tax problems? Bell says everyone in the city knew she had a tax issue. Kwame knew she had a tax issue.

Bullotta asks if she ever got a 1099 form from Kwame? No says Bell.

Bullotta asks if received one at other places of work? Yes sir.

Do you know Bobby Ferguson? Yes sir.

What's a 1099 form? Bell says it's a form for taking out taxes. Comes from record keeper or treasurer.

How do you know Bobby Ferguson? Pause. Met him through the Kilpatricks but I knew his father. I knew him from work in the city. He was a great man (Bobby's father).

Bell says Bobby Ferguson was nice to me when Kwame was mayor. Still nice to me. Has always been nice to me.

Bell says she received money from bobby Ferguson. Says it was Bobby's came from the bank.

Bell thinks it was a check.

"Can I say something sir to be clear? Bobby is the kind of person that if he likes you... He called me mom." Bell says other young people called her mom.

Bell doesn't know how Bobby got subcontracts with city.

Bell pleaded guilty to 2 counts tax evasion.

Exhibit EB 8 introduced. Bell looks at it. Bell says she signed plea agreement with her lawyer. Under sentencing guildelines, looking at 18 to 24 months in prison.

Bullotta says government recommending to Edmunds nothing over 18 months. If she co-operates, could get 9 to 12 months. Judge Edmunds decides it. Maximum for each count is 5 years, so could have been 10.

There is tax loft $334,00 that she needs to pay in restitution.

"I played the slots sir." when asked about gambling.

Bell says she'd go to Greektown. With $500 to $1,500.

"In the casino you think every machine is lucky but it's not."

Sometimes a dollar slot, sometimes pennies, sometimes 5.

How do you win the slot? Bell says you go in, put your money. If you win, sometimes it might blink, you pull your ticket out. Nost peolpe pull ticket out of machine then supposed to put it in your purse and save it. "But me I put it back in."

Do you still call it the one arm bandit? Yes sir.