Bell says sometimes you could stay 2, 5 or 8 hours. worse than playing lottery.

Bell says she would recycle money and put it back in machine.

Shows her gambling records. Bell requested records of gambling for herself.

Bell explains gambling money numbers. Bell says the 170k numbers not correct. Possibly a Greektown employee better equipped to explain. Says she never walked in with these huge sums.

Bullotta says could that be all the coins you put in that you rotated?

Thomas objects. Judge overrules.

Bell says that's what it's called, recycling. 

Bell says she is positive she never walked in more than $1,500. You would never take 10k to gamble. She said maybe 2k but not money like that.

Bullotta ends.

11:07AM Jim Thomas cross examines.

Thomas says we just met a minute ago.

"Bell says we met before sir."

Never talked about this case though? Oh no.

Thomas says fund-raising your job. Yes sir.

Since 1980, main source of income? No I worked for Wayne County sir. A consultant at first.

Bell says in NY, she did "knock and drop", was a volunteer. Worked at B. Altman's. Never worked as a fund-raiser.

Thomas wants to know when she first got into politics.

Shrine of Black Madonna a very activist Church. Yes sir.

Bell says she didn't become fund-raising consultant until working for Mr. Lucas. Worked to get him elected county Executive.

Thomas says work with judges... Bell says she would ask for donations to their campaigns.

As political consultant did job change? Bell says ask again.

Maybe it's no different sir. Bell says she wasn't called a fund-raiser when helping the judges. she was just a person who helped to get them elected.

For a fee? did I get paid by the judges? Some people were my friends and they didn't pay me. One judge paid me because I worked with a team.

Payment depends. Some people pay 5%, or 10% or 15%.

Bell says at the time Bill Lucas was elected as a Democrat.