Thomas says did you have a hard time getting work after that? "Not as hard as I'm having now."

Bell had just left Wayne County when she went to work with Kwame. Worked with Wayne County in the nineties. First worked for Mr. Kilpatrick, did volunteer stuff in 2000. Received funds for being consultant in 2003. That check that Mr. Bullotta referenced.

In 2000-2001, Burris worked for her.

Bell says Burris was her secretary at county.

Bell says that when she worked with Kilpatrick, she worked for other charities but it was mostly volunteers.

Thomas says so most of your income came from Kilpatrick entities? Yes says Bell.

Thomas wanted to get to point that sole source of income 2003-2008 was from Kilpatrick-related entities? Yes but also had money saved.

Money saved in a can and under the mattress.

Didn't get a retirement check from Wayne County but got a severance amount.

"Yes I can say that the bulk of my money from 2003-2008 was from the different Kilpatrick entities."

The severance amount for Bell for Wayne County wasn't over 40k.

Bell had been having IRS issues "since Jimmy Carter days".

Thomas says there were liens against you? Yes sir.

Thomas says you were worried about money in the bank because government would get it? Yes sir.

Thomas asks if even before 2003 she was converting checks to cash and putting bthem in mattress? No sir.

Thomas says you worked hard as consultant? Yes sir.

Were you the primary for Kilpatrick for Mayor and the Inaugural Committee? No sir it was a team. Including a woman by the last name Mitchell that I see on TV every Sunday.

With the 1st Inaugural was with Conrad Mallett and second year was with Muirhead says Bell.

Thomas says Kwame participated? Came to fund-raising events? Yes.

Met people you were soliciting funds from? Bell says someone who is going to be an elected official doesn't go out and meet with each person. Gives them maybe a phone call.

Without Kwame would you have raised as much money? No sir.

When you go to an event people don't give Kwame money? No sir.

Thomas says do people try to ingratiate themselves with mayor? Yes sir.

Is it fair to say Kwame doesn't make promises for money? Yes sir.

Who gathers checks? Whoever works the door. If I was working the door. there could be 2 or 3 people working the door. One was Burris. sometimes 3 to 4 people working the door.