Burris was secretary from County days and she is a friend says Bell.

Burris didn't have anything to do with cash? No sir.

Thomas says that was for her work? Yes for her work and back pay.

Thomas says you kept from her what was going on with you and Kwame? "From most people, all people."

Bell looks at document. A fax to Michael Nairne. Thomas asks who is Patti? Couldn't tell you says Bell.

The 10k inquired about at the bottom.

Thomas says tell jury about process. Thomas says generally your job was to call people and get money. Yes says Bell.

Thomas says did you ever have to call and remind people about money commitments? Yes sir.

Was that your job/ Yes sir.

How did you find out how much money was raised? Bell says like with Kilpatrick for Mayor, I could look back on what was collected at the door. But normally Miss Beatty knew the records.

Looks at 2nd page of document. Description of Civic Fund. Party on June 26th 2008 at hotel in Greektown.

Thomas says what was name of party? It was for Kilpatrick Civic Fund sir, says Bell.

Not for Splash of Red, just for Civic Fund? Yes.

How many attended? Don't know sir.

Bell says it was on the first room when you walk into the hotel, the Aphrodite room in the Athenaeum.

Thomas says lets talk about William Phillips, lawyer for Civic Fund? Yes.

Bells says Terrell was CPA for Kilpatrick for Mayor, don't know about Civic Fund.

Bell says for Civic Fund I got funds, did not solicit funds.

Thomas and Bell go over the goal of the Civic Fund on document on overhead.

Do you know what can be done with 501 c4 relating to advertising, they can't be specific to vote for Kilpatrick? I understand that sir says Bell.

Thomas asks Bell if she needs a moment. No I'm ok.

Thomas asks about separate office for fund-raising in Greektown? We used Mr. Pappas office for initial meetings. If i needed to go, I could. but it wasn't the office. We would go to Phillips's office.

Thomas says why separated from mayor's office? Because against the law to do it from mayor's office.

Burris would drive you? Yes sir.

She would drop her off and you would go in? Yes sir.