And she didn't know where you were going?

In 2008, you weren't involved with Mr. Lucas? No sir. But I was on Zoning Board and I gained 15 or 16 thousand. Met weekly. This ended first day I came to court on this case. I resigned the next week in 2010.

Thomas says Kwame Kilpatrick is mayor and has lots of responsibilities? Yes sir.

Thomas says was he busy? Very much so sir.

Thomas says his style of leadership, did you observe his delegating skills? Yes sir.

Would you agree authority delegated to you as fund-raiser? Yes sir.

Thomas says you indicated you dealt with Betty? Yes sir.

Was important to you to know how much money was raised? yes sir.

Thomas and Bell talk over each other. Judge asks Bell to wait to answer questions.

Thomas says involvement in day to day activities in these funds was diminished? Yes sir.

You didn't get along with Phillips, right? Yes sir.

Thomas says he was very, very jealous of the position on the fund? Yes sir.

As a result you didn't interact much with him? Yes sir.

Thomas wants to ask what it was Kwame asked her. There were events were they raised in excess of a million dollars. Yes sir.

the event where you made a 100k, was more than 1. 2 million? Could be.

Thomas says 100k appropriate for you? Yes sir. Never asked for more.

Thomas says you never negotiated your percentage with Kwame? Bell says it was wither Kilpatrick or Beatty.

There were some things I did where Kilpatrick said what I got, says Bell.

But not on this particular 100k? No sir.

Thomas asks he never said I want half or any specific amount? No sir.

Your situation at bank, FIB, there was a woman who allowed you to take money from check and cash that for cashier's checks? Bell said she was the bank assistant manager. she's the one I mostly dealt with.

Thomas says hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes says Bell.

Thomas says this banking process is something you did prior to involvement with Kwame? No sir.

When you started working with them is when you learned about CTRs? That's when I started going to First Independence says Bell.

Thomas says you'd avoid having large amounts of money in account? Yes sir.