Thomas says you did this a long time before Kilpatrick? Yes sir.

This was to avoid the government taking your money? Yes sir.

Thomas inaudible. Maam? he asks.

I don't know what congressional Democratic....says bell.

D EB 8 and 9 introduced into evidence.

Bell says I didn't know it was called 15 congressional district Democrats. It was an event that was some place closed now.

Thomas says were you aware of a transaction report on you? I don't recall says Bell. Please tell me.

Thomas says you would have been aware of these reports filed on you? Bell says that is the first time I ever see one of those sir.

Did you know that wasn't just a one time deal, that amount of money you accumulate over a year can be no more than 10k? No sir.

Did agent Sauer tell you that? No sir. He went over the chart with me though.

You met with them March 12th, 18th...2010, all in the same year? Yes sir.

Appeared before grand jury as well? Yes sir.

Bell says I don't remember exact dates but do remember meeting with them.

You met with them upwards of 10 times? Yes sir.

When you first met them you had no idea of amounts of money? Yes sir.

It wasn't until Ron Sauer told you. Bell says he didn't tell me. It was a chart.

It was an important day for you. "It was a bad day for me."

You knew you were in trouble. "I knew I was in trouble long before then sir."

Thomas says your memory affected by documents he is showing you. Yes sir.

Thomas says never in there is there a trail going to Kilpatrick? Sir there wouldn't be.

Thomas says you say so. Bell says she said so because it was so.

Thomas says you knew you were committing for over 20 years. Yes so.

Thomas says you never kept Kilpatrick-related entities money to pay IRS but to keep for yourself? yes sir.

Thomas says you didn't pay. No I didn't pay.

Even though you committed a crime and you could have paid. You went to the casino. "That's what you say sir" says Bell.