Thomas says you had a gambling problem right? Long pause. Yes sir.

Judge calls for break.

12:19PM Court back in session.

Thomas grabs documents to continue questioning. Asks government about a chart.

Thomas says looking at exhibit EB 6, page 4. Summary of money in: breakdown of more than $904,000 between 2003-2008. Same chart that was presented yesterday.

Thomas says when you got checks you wouldn't cash them right away? Yes sir.

Because you didn't want to have large sums of cash? Yes sir.

You didn't tell Sauer a specific amount? No.

Your income was estimated with Sauer based on money received. Yes sir.

Thomas says "Are you telling the jury you took money out of your bra" in the mayor's office? "I would take money out of my bra in front of my son".

Thomas says you're telling jury you took money off your person to give money? "It's not like I pulled off my blouse."

Bell demonstrates by lifting up her blouse slightly.

In 2003, you generated 119k? yes. In 2004, $131,325? yes.

In 2005, only $52,004.20. Lower why? As I recall says Bell it was during 2nd election and it was harder at that point.

Bell says money is under the bed.

In 2006, better year with $256,000.24. Yes sir.

Bell says many people didn't think he'd get re-elected. He fooled everybody says Thomas referring to re-election.

In 2007, $278,221.75. Yes sir.

In 2008, Kwame had a very difficult year with text scandals so only generated $67,500. Yes sir.

Thomas asks if after involvement with Kilkpatricks did you continue to gamble yes sir? I had that income, other consulting work,  from Social Security, income from resigning from zoning board (about 15k).

Thomas says you didn't gamble all your money? No I couldn't gamble it all because I shared my money says Bell.

Do you recall your gross bets? Looking at gambling chart. As I said says Bell I disagree with those amounts.

Thomas says these are your gambling records. Just talking about gross wagers. Bell says are they saying I lost that or won that.

Bell says I did not gamble 170,000 thousand. Bell says it's on paper.

Judge interjects. Thomas says you could explain again to the witness. Thomas says I'm trying to lead her through it judge, please allow me to continue.