FDA: Home Massager Can Strangle, Kill

Device Suspected In Death Of Floriday Doctor

Published On: Oct 02 2011 04:16:53 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 06 2011 02:44:49 AM EDT

The Food and Drug Administration has announced the ShoulderFlex Massager, a personal massage device on the market since 2003, can strangle and kill.

On Wednesday, investigators in the Miami, Florida area are expected to announce that it was responsible for killing a woman in December.

On Christmas Eve, Dr. Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson was at her Parkland home wrapping gifts. According to detectives, when she wanted to soothe her aching neck, she used the personal massage device. At 9 p.m., her husband found her on the floor and unconscious.

The Broward Medical Examiner suspected Ferrari-Gegerson's necklace got caught in the device, which strangled her to death


The FDA warns people not to use the ShoulderFlex and urges those who own one to throw it out. Officials also suggest people throw away the parts separately so that no one else can use the ShoulderFlex.

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