Facebook wants to know what you're watching on TV

Facebook to start allowing users to check in on favorite TV shows

Published On: Feb 11 2013 12:48:01 PM EST

Facebook is asking users to reveal even more details of their lives with a new feature which asks them what television programs they are watching.

The new feature would add to the social network's already comprehensive picture of what its users say and do, enabling it to better target adverts on behalf its corporate clients.

The new feature - which is similar to social television apps like GetGlue, IntoNow and Zeebox, among others - asks users to reveal which television programmes they are watching.

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It is one of a raft of new 'second-screen' applications that are aiming to exploit the increasing trend of consumers to watch television while at the same time interacting with social media.

Facebook is currently experimenting with TV check-in, as part of its prototype 'What are you doing?' feature.