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Tom Brady suspension overturned

A federal judge overturns Tom Brady's four-game suspension.

Deaf swimming champ in St. Clair breaking records

A deaf swimmer in St. Clair is breaking records.

Howell team tries new football helmet pads

The Howell High School football team is trying out Guardian Caps, a protective cover intended to…

Sports Final Edition: Interview with Jon Falk

Jamie Edmonds sits down to talk with Jon Falk.

Live in the D: Michigan Amputee Golf Association

Brandon Roux reports from the course for a special Wounded Warriors event.

Should schools monitor social media?

Some schools are coming under fire for monitoring their students' social media accounts.

Big bargains on "makeover" model cars

Guy Gordon takes a look at the current car market.

Ruth to the Rescue: Census questions

Ruth investigates whether a mailer about the U.S. census is the real thing.

Shippers look to grab a piece of Northwest Passage

Melting Arctic Ocean ice could open new shipping lanes, creating a Northwest Passage. Countries…

Eliminating distractions at school

With classes set to begin again, we look at ways to help your students focus.

Tips for keeping personal information safe

Your digital footprint leaves a lot of personal information behind.