Kelsey Baker.

 If your children are small, McCready says it may be even more important to plan activities that will keep them engaged and also give them a break.

"If you have younger ones, don't try to overdo it. Take a break in the middle of the day, so they can kind of come back to the hotel and recharge and refuel," McCready advised.

 Building Moments At Home

 If you can't take the family out of town, McCready says look for special moments in the middle of your regular routines.

 "So, if you're already running carpool or driving back and forth to soccer practice, use that time to make quality time. Tell jokes, sing songs, be crazy and silly," suggested parenting expert Amy McCready.


Some other ideas she shared: build some one-on-one time with your children into each day or plan weekly family nights, when you can play games, or just do something fun together.

 And, whether on vacation or at home, think about disconnecting from all those electronic devices. "Instead of being tuned into our kids, very often we're tuned into our Blackberry or iPhone," said McCready.

 Local mom, Allison Baker, says fun family activities could include golf, baseball games, picnics, or whatever is easy for your family to do.

 "I think it’s about building memories, you know, and you could do that in lots of ways of you can't get away on a long vacation," said Baker.

 Whatever you do, try to schedule some fun time with your family, and enjoy!