Thomas reminded the witness that Kilpatrick could have fired him for taking the $5,000 from federal agents.

"Do you remember him saying he wouldn't fire you because of your wife and kids?", asked Thomas. The witness replied that he did not.

An incredulous Thomas also questioned Cunningham's story about covering his mouth to talk with Kilpatrick outside Manoogian in 2008.

"Did you cover your mouths because the FBI might see you from Belle Isle?!?"

On redirect, US Attorney Michael Bullotta asked the witness if he had hired Bernard Kilpatrick as a consultant on the Syncom deal. Cunningham replied that he had not.

"And besides going with you to one meeting," asked Bullotta, "did he do anything else to get $15,000?"

"No," replied Cunningham.

Court is now on holiday recess. The trial will resume on Thursday, January 3rd 2013.

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