The owner of a Detroit salon says she’s reeling from a frightening robbery Wednesday where the crook pointed a gun at her son’s head.

Tiffany of Tiffany’s Hair Studio on Wyoming Street says a well dressed man knocked on her door inquiring about prices.

"He pretended that he was on the phone with a young lady. He asked for prices about a sew-in and a press and curl. I talked to him through the door the whole time. He was very clean cut," Tiffany told Local 4. "Then, he asked for a business card. I left the door, still locked, left the door and grabbed a business card, slid it to him through the cracked door and he forced the door on me."

Tiffany said the man then brought out a gun.

"He pointed the gun at my son and my son ran to the back. And then he began to frisk me. I had a loaded gun on me. But there was no way for me to get an upper hand on him because he had a gun out, pointed at both me and my son," she said.

Tiffany said when she realized the man was going to find the gun on her, she took a step back and told him she had it.

"He got real upset, demanded that I put my hands up and freeze, don’t move. He took the gun off my hip, and then he asked that I give him everything I had in the building," Tiffany said.

The gunman took jewelry, computers and even Tiffany’s gun.

She said there is surveillance video that has been turned over to police.