A man has been blazing a path of identity theft at banks across Macomb County.

He has been seen at banks in Clinton Township, Sterling Heights and Roseville. Some days he is from California and others New Jersey. However, no matter what the license shows, police say it's a fake.

"The suspect somehow has knowledge of what these (victims) do and has knowledge of what's in their bank accounts to make such large withdrawals," said Clinton Township Police Det. Tony Maisano.

The license snap shot is always the same but the names and addresses are of victims he is scamming thousands of dollars from.

Clinton Township police have good, solid evidence including withdrawal slips showing a forged signatures and even one of the fake IDs. Police don't know who the scammer is or when he will strike next.

"We're coming to the public because we need help. Someone knows him. He's local," said Maisano. "He's hitting a lot of different banks here in Macomb County."

He has hit four different banks in Clinton Township alone where he used the license of a 58-year-old man. He has even dressed the part complete with glasses, a news boy hat and a cane.

"Just by looking at the license it looks like it's legitimate until you start looking for watermarks and the state seals on it," said Maisano.

Almost all of the victims' names are of foreign decent, police said. They all have relatively big bank accounts and are located out of state. The thief seems to be targeting doctors.