We are about to start Friday morning for an abbreviated session that ends at noon.

On Thursday night, the news involved Kwame Kilpatrick's wife, Carilta Kilpatrick, had sent letters out requesting $20,000 toward the schooling of her twin boys. It's not illegal for her to do so but it has to be reported to the Department of Corrections per Kwame's restitution payment agreement.

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Friday morning continues with the testimony of former Synagro Technologies executive James Rosendall who testified Thursday to paying bribes in order to secure a $1.1 billion contract with the city of Detroit.

9:06 a.m. US Attorney Michael Bullotta questioning witness James Rosendall.

Talking about the video yesterday outside Kwames complex. Rosendall says after leaving Bernard Kilpatrick, he went to his bank and got $2,500 out of his account. Didn't go through FBI because it would have taken too long. Then called Bernard that same day, March 5th, 2008, to meet with him again.

More video that day when Rosendall went back to meet Bernard. Rosendall says he thinks at this point he was coming back from the bank.

Rosendall can be heard asking about cameras though he himself is wired with one. Very blurry upwards shot of Bernard. Rosendall saying that he has done everything "you guys" have asked from him.

Rosendall can be heard telling Bernard that he has "25" for him that came from his own account. Don't see the actual, physical cash.

Bernard talking about Adolph, Hunt. all those guys. "The one guy that made this thing happen," says Bernard. Saying he made the contract happen.

Rosendall says Adolph is a consultant but doesn't know his last name. Hunt is Jeff Hunt also a consultant. Bernard also mentions "Victor", Victor Mercado former director of DWSD.

They also talk about working with "Ray", Rayford Jackson. Rosendall refers back to the Manoogian party.

"That's for being there .... You scared the shit out of me that one day at the restaurant ..." says Rosendall. Rosendall says he was referring to conversation at Southern Fires about blowing up the house, aka the Synagro contract.

"I was pissed," says Bernard. "Cool as me and this guy is. I could have him not blow it up ... but you know, stop it for a year, stop it for 2 years"

"Him" in the conversation is Kwame, testifies Rosendall. And the witness further says that is Bernard was talking about stalling the deal.

Defense attorney Jim Thomas objects. Bullotta asks for sidebar.

Rosendall says Bernard was talking about stopping the permits for the deal. The witness says that delays in the project would cause substantial financial loss.

April 14, 2008, Bernard and Rosendall met at a different pancake restaurant in Southfield. Rosendall believes he gave Bernard $2,500 that came from the FBI. The FBI also reimbursed the witness for the earlier amount.

Rosendall pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery. His sentence was capped at 11 months. He served 11 months and paid a $250,000 fine. Rosendall still has another year on supervised release. Bribery was money he paid Bernard and Monica Conyers. Rosendall says he has cooperated on other investigations besides this one.

Judge says jury should be aware that she was not sentencing judge for Rosendall.

9:24 a.m. John Shea, Bernard's lawyer, cross examines.

Asking about 2001 when Rosendall worked for Synagro and was interested in taking over the Minergy contract. Rosendall confirms it was a complicated deal. Rosendall says the city of Detroit was landfilling material as waste management at the time and incinerating some of it. Part of waste management was done "in house."

Shea says it is an expensive process to undertake waste management for a city. Rosendall agrees.

Shea says part of the idea of privatizing was to save the city some money. Rosendall agrees.

Shea says it could be win win for the city and the company contracted. Correct says Rosendall.