Rosendall agrees he started working with FBI very shortly after the pulled him over on Jan. 22, 2008.

Shea says you met with feds at least weekly. "On a weekly basis," says Rosendall. Rosendall agrees he had quite a few meetings.

Shea hands Rosendall a document to read. Report for August 2nd 2008. Shea asks if that refreshes his recollection as to when he was referred by Bernard to Rayford. Rosendall says it does not.

Rosendall does agree that he may be wrong about it only being a week or two after meeting Bernard that he was referred to Rayford.

Shea asks if Rosendall asked Bernard to set up meeting with Mercado in early 2004.

"I may have, yes," says Rosendall. But he doesn't recall exactly.

Shea hands Rosendall another document. Shea asks if that refreshes his memory about meeting request.

"I did request a meeting, yes" says Rosendall after reading the report.

Looking at a text exchange between Mike Tardiff, mayoral aide, and Bernard on February 18th 2004.

Tardiff: Cool hey jr was wondering if you could set up a meeting with victor early next week.

Bernard: I am working on that now.

Tardiff: Let me know if I can help.

Bernard: will do.

Feb. 19, 2004 between Rosendall and Tardiff.

Rosendall: Anything from Victor or BK yet?

Tardiff: Victor is setting something up for next week. His people are working on it.

Synagro had an issue with "BK" being too close to the mayor, agrees Rosendall. Synagro was concerned that from a PR standpoint it wasn't a good idea. And that's the reason why says Shea about taking on Jackson.

"That and BK," says Rosendall.

Rosendall says he discussed it with Bernard and he understood.

Shea says even when Rosendall was referred to Jackson, Bernard maintained a financial agreement with the deal. There was an arrangement between Jackson and Bernard. Shea says so witness came to understand it was a 50/50 agreement. Yes says Rosendall.

Shea says that even when Jackson came on board, Bernard remained in a background sense. Rosendall agrees.

Shea mentions that in the Southern Fires recording, Bernard can be heard saying that Jackson didn't have the contacts with the DWSD and administration that he did.

Shea says that Bernard was doing what he could to move the deal forward.

Shea says at the time you lived in Grand Rapids.

"The suburbs," says Rosendall.