"I'll play that thing out and string him along," says Rosendall to Jackson on the recording.

"He's not going to be able to stop that man from signing the deal," says Jackson. Talking about Bernard not being able to stop Kwame. Rosendall agrees that is what is being said.

Next, Dec. 10, 2007 recording.

"BK hasn't called you?" asks Jackson.

"Don't bring that up! I'm knocking on wood," replies Rosendall

"Last time he talked to you, he didn't bring me up?"

Rosendall talks about "playing it out."

Jackson says, "And what did you say? He's been under so much stress?" Shea says that Rosendall may have suggested Jackson was under so much stress to Bernard.

"I just downplay it," says Rosendall. Rosendall agrees this is about amending the agreement.

Shea brings up a possible trucking contract with Bernard if the Synagro facility went operational.

"We talked about the sub-contract. Really, I tried to keep the conversation on the sub-contract," says Rosendall.

"Right, right," says Jackson.

Dec. 20, 2007, talking about voicemail from Bernard. Shea says you call Jackson about that voicemail. Here is a recording of that conversation.

"BK just left me a message," says Rosendall.

Talks about how he said he was on vacation until Jan. 7.

"Vacation or no vacation, motherfucker call me or something like that," says Rosendall.

"Really, really?" asks Jackson repeatedly.

Rosendall says what he told him last he was meeting with CEO. Shea says so you were going to lie to Bernard and tell him you met the CEO on Dec. 19 in Philly

"Alvin brought agreement with Ray and before any changes are made Ray has to sign off on it...." Rosendall discussing what he will tell Bernard.

Jackson suggests he tell Bernard that one of the reasons he can't do anything is because Jackson is under investigation and that the General Counsel was handling all Jackson matters.

"That was a lie," says Shea. Rosendall agrees.

Shea says so you and Jackson scheme about how to put Bernard off modifying the agreement. Rosendall agrees.

10:33 a.m. Time for a 20 minute break.

10:52AM Judge Nancy Edmunds reenters the courtroom.

Shea plays a new recording from December 20th 2007, later the same day as the last one.