Sounds like Bernard is huffing and puffing. "I'm on the treadmill," says Bernard. "Trying to get some of this off."

Rosendall can be heard telling Bernard that he met the CEO in Philadelphia which he did not. This conversation is shortly after conversation with Jackson. Rosendall says the agreement has been taken out of his hands. Rosendall saying that Synagro paid Jackson more than $230,000 over the last 6 months. Rosendall also says they have made some sort of agreement. Rosendall says that General Counsel has asked him not to get involved in the agreement. "That signing thing was supposed to be applied towards that," says Rosendall. Shea says that Synagro wasn't holding up signing fees because of the $230,000 already paid that was an excuse. Rosendall agrees. "So akunna's thing is out there?" says Bernard. "I'm afraid they're going to ask a lot of questions....cuz you can't have 2 agreements out there..." says Rosendall. Shea says so you are giving more lies about why the agreement isn't going forward. Alvin Thomas is mentioned, counsel for Synagro. "So that leaves Akunna and me out for Christmas," says Bernard. Bernard says he had heard that Jackson was already paid and that is why he left "the terse message." Bernard says he heard that Jackson is negotiating with Jenkins.

Bernard saying they want it all their way- "Ray has outslicked everyone it looks like." "in that kind of deal he outslicked you," says Bernard. Shea says that Bernard is postulating that Jackson has manipulated the process and put him out in the cold financially. Rosendall agrees with Bernard. But Shea says that just previous to this conversation Rosendall and Jackson discussed the issue. "I did not tell him that," says Rosendall. Rosendall overheard telling Bernard that he wants to meet him for 5 minutes. Bernard says he'll be at the Milinder Center and will be done at 1pm. They decide to meet in the parking lot outside his office at 1pm. Shea says Rosendall testified yesterday that they met in the parking lot because Bernard was worried about the office being bugged. But in fact it was your suggestion. Rosendall agrees it was his suggestion to meet in the lot for 5 minutes. That may be true but in the recording Bernard can also be overheard saying there are things he doesn't want to talk about on the phone. Recording. Rosendall again talking to Jackson. Relays the conversation he just had with Bernard. Shea says that in this conversation he is reporting back to Jackson to say that he has carried out the plan discussed. Yes says Rosendall. Going back to the December 4th 2007 recording at the Original House of Pancakes. Rosendall met with Bernard and Olumba at that meeting and discussed the split and the "success fee". Signing bonus which was supposed to occur pretty soon after city contract was approved on November 20th 2007. Shea says at this time Bernard was broke and needed this money. Rosendall says yes. Rosendall agrees that he encouraged Bernard's belief that he would get his half of the signing bonus by Christmas. Now going to parking lot meeting. Saying that Bernard is upset because the agreement is not getting reworked and he isn't getting paid. Shea says Bernard said that comment about "blowing up the house" in the parking lot. Rosendall agrees. I think that comment was made at the Southern Fires restaurant.

11:15AM Phone call from December 20th 2007. Same date as previous 2 recordings. Sounds like Rosendall is talking to Pam Racey, Synagro executive based in Baltimore who oversaw Detroit. Racey asks about how things are going down there. Rosendall says there is an agreement he wasn't aware of that was supposed to take place between Jackson, Olumba and Bernard. Also says that Jackson is cutting them out financially. "There’s a little pissing contest going on between them," says Rosendall. "She's pissed," says Rosendall about Olumba when he met her. Shea says there are a number of things that you told Racey that are untrue. Correct says Rosendall. Lists them: that you met Olumba that day, that you knew nothing about Olumba and Bernard agreement, that it was the first you knew about Jackon cutting them out. "As far as I'm concerned, you didn't have a deal with BK," says Rosendall that he told Jackson. Racey asking Rosendall how Bernard got hooked up in this. Rosendall says he will call Alvin and get on this. "It sounds like they all have had a little bit of a falling out," says Rosendall claiming he didn't know anything about it. "It's been, shit, 8 or 9 months since we were all out together," says Rosendall about Jackson and Bernard. Shea says the "falling out" is between Jackson, Olumba and Bernard. "And the mayor," says Rosendall. Shea says Jackson's job was to deal with City Council. Yes says Rosendall. Shea says there were a number of interviews with police and that Rosendalkl never mentioned in any of them Jackson and Kwame's relationship going south. "I don't know if this is something worth getting our underwear in a knot. What is the worst that can happen to us," says Rosendall. Racey says that Rosendall has to remember how they got to this place with the contract. If Jackson wants to deal with them in the future, says Racey, he has to honor his obligations. "Morally it's not right," agrees Rosendall with Racey. Conversation form January 2nd 2008. 2 weeks after December 20th conversation.

Talking to Racey to see if she had talked to Jackson yet. Racey says she is set for conversation at 2pm.

Rosendall asks if she is set. Racey says she is going to tell him that "these folks brought you to the table" and there are important things coming up like permits.

Racey says that Jackson will have to take care of them. She means Bernard.

Shea says so it is a discussion that Jackson has an obligation to Bernard. Rosendall agrees.

Another recording from January 9th 2008 at 6:55pm.

"I'm at a total loss with this thing," Rosendall can be overheard saying.

Racey saying that she thinks it's going to be done by the end of February. Racey says that if Jackson doesn't take care of things like he should, just give him a deadline.

Shea so it sounds like Racey and Rosendall are on the same page about getting Bernard on the deal and Jackson is resisting.

"Pigs get fat and have to be slaughtered," Rosendall can be overheard telling Racey.

Racey says she doesn't know how he even has the cajunas (thinks she means cojones) to do this. She is talking about Jackson.

Racey musing why Kwame doesn't have something to do with conversation. Rosendall tells her he is not involved in it.

"Alvin's on board... He'll play hardball...," says Rosendall. Alvin is Synagro's counsel. Talking about playing hardball with Jackson.

Shea says that Jackson is never brought around to honor the agreement with Bernard. "No, it never materialized," says Rosendall.

11:35AM Shea talking about $5,000 in cash that Rosendall gave Bernard.

December 20th 2007 5:26PM phone conversation.

Rosendall talking to Bernard about a call to Jackson going out tomorrow. Says CEO is calling Jackson.

"Everybody is on board to resolve it," says Rosendall.

Shea says that 45 minutes earlier you had talked to Racey and she was on board but not true that CEO was going to call Jackson. Rosendall agrees.

"I wanted to let you know that things are moving along," says Rosendall.

"Did folks send you anything?" asks Bernard.

"I think they are supposed to take care of that tomorrow," says Rosendall.