"Did they have her stuff?" asks Bernard.

Oh my I think we just heard the toilet flushing.

Shea says that Bernard was awaiting payment into Olumba's account, the success fee. Again Shea says you are not really working on it.

Rosendall says that Racey is involved in trying to resolve things.

"At the end of the day he never would have been involved without you," says Rosendall.

Shea says at the end of the conversation Bernard thinks that "they", I'm assuming that's Bernard and Olumba, are going to get some money. Rosendall agrees.

Another recording.

Rosendall is in Florida vacation on December 21st 2007.

"I landed about 20 minutes ago and my phone has been busing up," says Rosendall

Rosendall says that he has just spoken with Olumba and she is going to mail him an invoice. Rosendall says he has to get it from her and they are going to send it.

Rosendall tells Bernard that Alvin is finishing up the documents" to get the payment processed

"So you guys are all straight," says Rosendall.

Now Shea is showing yesterday's government exhibit of the Black Onyx, Olumba's company, dated December 21st 2007 to the amount of $5,000. Shea says this is the invoice she submitted in response to the telephone conversation just listened to.

She says this is a far cry from half of the $150,000 discussed on December 4th.

Looking at email from December 21st 2007 from Olumba to Rosendall.

Shea says that $5,000 did not get paid before Christmas or after Christmas either. No says Rosendall.

Shea says you told Bernard to Southern Fires meeting on January 29th 2008 that you were bringing money to apply to invoice. Rosendall says that he said that he was bringing money but not necessarily to apply towards the invoice.

Looking at portion of transcript of the Southern Fires meeting.

"I thought you told me you were gonna, you told me you had a check for me today," says Bernard about the expectation for money.

Bernard says he wants a check,

"Yeah i thought that you was bringing a check. that we talked about in December..." says Bernard.

Shea says so they turned away the cash so the $5,000 invoice is still outstanding. Shea says that Olumba put in an invoice on December 21st 2007 and it wasn't paid at the Southern fires meeting on January 29th 2008. No says Rosendall.

And at the March 5th 2008 meeting it hadn't been paid. "I don't believe so," says Rosendall.

Shea says that Rosendall had 2 personal encounters with Bernard on March 5th. Yes says Rosendall.

Rosendall says he will be gone for a few weeks but that he can swing back through. Shea says that the same $5,000 that had been requested and not paid between December 21st and March 5th. Yes says Rosendall.