Mr. Ferguson identified the line items that he wanted to do, and Angelo (DCG) identified the items that he wanted to do, Hardiman testified.

Ferguson was to get 36 percent of the contract of the $19 million contract.

Mr. Ferguson was pushed out of the contract, Evelyn suggests. He was paid to walk away from it.

Evelyn is suggesting that Hardiman and Ferguson talked about the importance of helping minority owned business, but once a big contract was awarded by the city, Lakeshore (Hardiman) left Ferguson out.

Did Ferguson have the power to have Kwame Kilpatrick cancel contracts if they were not to his liking or he wasn’t cut into the money, as the government is accusing?

All he told me (Ferguson) was that the contract "Had to go across the mayor’s desk.," Hardiman said.

 When questioned, Hardiman said that Ferguson never said the contract would be stopped.

10:50 a.m

Gerald Evelyn is questioning Thomas Hardiman, part owner of Sky group.  

Contract 1361 first with city for Hardiman for water main repair.  Had a relationship with ferguson for over 10 years. Had many discussions on ethnicity and hopes and dreams for their race.  Involved with Homer Ferguson Foundation.

Contract with DCG and Lakeshore and Lanzo Lining for DWSD 849.  $19.9 Million Contract.  Ferguson and DCG both wanted to to do the same work.  Ferguson wanted 20%.  Change order brought total to $44M. 

Feb 1, 2005 text: Gary Delasondro, father of Angelo ask Ferguson to give him a call.  "New issues have arrived."  Inland waters bid $22m for the same contract.  Evelyn trying to show ferguson was part of the bid process. 

Bid proposal for DWSD 865 - claimed Mr.Fred Erdman from FEI project manager with a very good resume saying he worked for A&H (on loan) Hardiman had no knowledge of this guy.  A&H had no project managers with these credentials - important for winning bid.  Would benefit A&H and Lakeshore.

Same proposal shows Mr. Derla as an employee of A&H and foreman for 8 years - loaned to A&H for this project.

10:33 a.m. video frozen - thomas asks for a break.

12:12 p.m.

Ferguson to the rescue

An8" water main being installed by A&H at Fox Creek shifted underground during installation and Ferguson who was working a few block over from the project came to fix the problem with two of his guys.

Ferguson had four streets he was working on and A&H had three streets on the Fox creek project - where the problem occurred.

Hardiman, with much consternation, agrees Fergusion was a capable contractor but does seem to question the direction of this line of questioning. 

Hardiman has doubts as to the validity of the field reports.  

Documents are coming directly from Mr. Ferguson and from his office.

12:55 p.m.

During the break - Ferguson at the podium highlighting documents for Evelyn.

12:31 back in session.  Evelyn continues to present documents that Hardiman does not recall - his response: "that's what the document says" and "it was written by someone at Fergusons."