The hearing is starting, all four defendants are seated at a table in the courtroom with their attorneys.

“I should say for Mr. Mercado’s motion for a separate trial, I am prepared to rule on that and will have a written statement later today," says Judge Nancy Edmunds.  

The motion hearing for the conflict of interest is now starting. 

James Thomas: Last week, we appeared in this court relating to an issue raised by Mr. Kilpatrick, where he indicted that there was a conflict of interest.

Thomas represented a witness now in the Kilpatrick case - Gasper Fiore - owner of Boulevard and Trumbull Towing.

Fiore was the subject of an FBI inquiry that ended in 2007.

In March 2008, Thomas was retained as Kilpatrick's attorney.

9:31 a.m. Kilpatrick enters courthouse

Kwame Kilpatrick has entered Federal Court for a hearing to deal with what he says is a conflict of interest with his attorney.

Kilpatrick no comment Aug 14

--Kilpatrick didn't have a comment on his way into court

Kilpatrick, others facing September trial

The former mayor is accused of running a criminal enterprise with family and friends which included taking cash bribes, kick backs, vacations, private jets and more in exchange for getting contracts in the city.

Other defendants in the case include Kilpatrick's dad Bernard Kilpatrick, his childhood friend Bobby Ferguson and ex-Detroit City Water boss Victor Mercado.

Kilpatrick enterprise gang image