Lets talk about Archie Clark. Bernard talking to Kado about inserting him in a food contract. He had no experience in food. 

Amendment #4 to 1368. Kwame's team says he was too busy to sign the amendment. That contract was held up that whole summer. They had face to face conversations with mayor weho said he was holding it up till Ferguson got paid. 

Ferguson confronted Bernard Parker in a  parking lot about siding with Inland against him and the mayor. 

Also heard from Derrick Miller who said he went to a meeting at a restaurant with Dennis Oszust and Ferguson so that Oszust would know who supported Ferguson. That's where Ferguson got his $350,000 payment and a week later the amendment went through. 

Parker was subpoenaed to testify in this case like everyone else. There was no benefit. 

Want to talk about outfalls contract. Defense says the no show payment was a settlement claim. If that's the case, where is the paperwork? And why did Ferguson give a fake invoice for $450,000 with his wife's name on it? Because he knew it was extortion. 

Baby Creek. We never dispute that the bid was delayed for a proper reason. It's after bid opened that the extortion started. Bernard Parker was working with Walbridge at the time. Miller told him they had to use Ferguson on the project even though Parker said they had someone else. That's the reason for the hastily written contract. Think about that. they had to cobble this together. Administration had to see that buddy was taken care of. 

Now back to Lakeshore and 1361. Defense says it was canceled because it wasn't needed. Daryl Latimer of DWSD testified it was needed. Victor Mercado went to the board about it and then 5 months later changes his mind and cancels it. 

Text from Ferguson: Hello Black you haven't released that contract, right? 

More from Ferguson: 1361 is the same contract, prices maybe less than the other one, but hey you know the rest. Kwame: Cool! 

Why would Kwame be interested? Because he shared in it. 

Latimer didn't understand why it couldn't be kept. In July 2003, Mercado comes into his office to write him an email about not needing the contract. Latrimer says he did i9t and felt uncomfortable. Next day, he gets an email from Mercado following his advice and canceling it. 

the Heilman Recreation Center. See the text between Ferguson and Beatty and you know that was rigged. 

Lajuan Wilkes. The only reason she got in trouble was because she was doing her job. Who was on both her recreation projects? Xcel. She knew they were double dipping and told the board. And for it , she gets berated by Ferguson in front of boss who does nothing.

Ferguson's influence in Kwame's administration. Look at internal communications between mayor and Ferguson. 

Look at Ferguson's instructions on Baby Creek. 

"Baby Creek, I told you when I needed help, help fucking victor, i don't need DWSD to sit in on the bid opening." 

Next the sinkhole in Sterling Heights. 

"We need to meet on how I move in.  I got a great idea, sir..." 

Defense says that Soave is such a bigshot that he can't be messed with. He has businesses in the city. If he can be bullied, why did he dump his good friend Chalie Williams? He did it because the mayor told him too. 

And when Ferguson caused problems, why did Soave go back to mayor and say is he still your guy? 

Let's talk about Kathleen McCann. Ferguson told her ""You act like Victor has ever made one decision ever." She said working with Ferguson was like having "a sword dangling over our head." 

Look at notes from head of DLZ, Mr Prata Rajahyaksha, he refused to give Ferguson more work because he didn't complete projects. Ferguson told him he didn't " You don't need to worry about the director. Worry about me" He didn't listen and got his certification for DLZ yanked and then mysteriously re-inserted. Why would that happen? Contract 2012 goes between those two. 

You heard from Kim Harris of Human Rights department that he was told to yank certification on orders from mayor. 

Defense claims that Kwame didn't use his power to help Ferguson in any way. If that's true, think about the police department project.