Text from Christine Beatty: "Why not Bobby on this?" 

Kwame reply: "Bobby wanted to strategically lose a major bid. He will be on this one at bid time." 

The pressure on city contracts got so extreme it even trumped family ties. You heard Miller say that Ayanna Kilpatrick complained to him about getting clients in on Synagro deal. 

Ayanna text: "Here we go with Bobby bull again!..... Can we make $ too?! 

If sister can't make money, how can Odel Jones. Kwame was putting his own money making ahead of his sister. 

This text is about a journalist who used to be with Detroit news. 

Fergusuon: Darcie asking if we are friends. Kwame texts back telling him to downplay it and to say he is a supporter. He stuffed half a million in his accounts. He spent more than $840,000 than he had in his accounts. How does the defense explain it? Kilpatrick's attorney says it all came from gifts. 

First wedding reception which occurred 6 years before he became mayor. 

"One thing is clear with Kilpatrick, cash gifts are preferred." 

 If that's true, why is his banking activity before he became mayor so normal. He was acting like a normal person who didn't get bribed. 

That all changed when he became mayor of Detroit. Looking at a very good chart that shows red down dip before he is mayor and then green peaks afterwards. 

He put just enough to pay bills but not enough to alert regulators. 

So how does defense explain green. It all comes down to Splash of Red party that apparently was awash in cash. 

Like check from Mablene Rogers for $10 to Kwame. 

Defense asked Agent Ron Sauer if IRS went to every check cashing facility in the city. 

"Mayor had time to sign a $10 check but he didn't have inclination to sign $12 million amendment #4." 

The $10 is the same amount that William Tandy felt comfortable with. But he felt like he had to step it up so he gave $100 and had to eat Ramen noodles for a week. 

We heard about lavish twice a year office parties. Heard from Kizzi Montgomery that contributions were expected. She made $32,000 a year, 5 times less than the mayor of Detroit but she was expected to give him cash. 

A $22,000 Rolex watch and a family vacation. 

She didn't say there were balls of cash. 

What is apparent is the selfishness of the mayor. It was a one way street. Nothing for anyone else but his partners there. 

If he could shakedown his employees, do you think he minded shaking down a big businessman? 

Number one person was Bobby Ferguson. 

"It was no splash of red. It was a tidal wave of green." 

Thomas suggested that Kwame asked Rutherford to give him $10,000 for suits to Dubai and that he requested another gift to go to Vegas to go entertain. Someone who is looking to land a casino in the same city. That is not a gift. that is a bribe.