corruption happens with winks and node, in the shadows when no one is looking. 

Who are the government witnesses? Bernard, Kwame and Bobby picked these people. They are their friends and people they worked with. Mahlon Clift did nothing wrong but show loyalty to Kwame. And what was his reward? the defendant attacked his credibility and businesses. 

Defendants sais that Clift stopped testimony in grand jury and then called his mother., That's fairly obvious. He was about to disclose about the $90,000. he stopped and called his mother who is a lawyer. 

Defendants want you to think that his mother told him to lie under oath. Preposterous. what kind of mom, particularly a lawyer, would tell her son to lie to grand jury? 

What motive would he have to make this? 

Agent Joe Jense went through the metal detector with cash a hundred times without setting off. 

Defense says government didn't want to play the video. not true, they got to it first., We were going to show it with Jensen. 

Why do the defendants want you think Mahlon Clift made this us? Because if not they are guilty. 

Derrick Miller told you his was a friend of the mayor. He was a reluctant witness. What does he get in return? He was attached by them for telling the truth about himself and them. 

Testimony Cunningham by Parker, McCann, Kado. 

Next Emma Bell. Defense took aim and called her alcoholic and gambling junkie. Long time family friend. 

Cunningham because he admitted that he was paying kickback to Bernard at request of Kwame. 

who did they spare? Jon Rutherford, a tycon who made $650,000 a year from homeless shelter and used money to bankroll Kwame to bankroll casino. That is the one guy they chose to remain loyal to. 

The defendants have engaged in pattern of deception that continues to this day. The state Arts Grant. Said money would be used for runaways, senior, peer mediation. Evelyn said it was transparent. So why did Ferguson doctor invoices sent to the sate? 

Using public money is not overkill. It is wrong.

then Ferguson told sisters to lie about donations to hide his relationship to mayor. 

Evelyn says that he did counsel them to lie but to the Gambling commission and not to grand jury. Where is transparency in that? 

Defense jumped quickly over sinkhole. Why? May have to do with what they presented to you? 

We are looking at altered time sheets. Made to seem like Ferguson was at the sinkhole in august 2004 to undermine text messages about how to move in. 

This was a lie to you. the truth is that Ferguson didn't work in late August, he got there September 14th Paszkiewicz showed you that. That was all 3 weeks after. 

The defense presented alternative theory with altered document to make it seem he was there first. 

Look at top document. Real exhibit and the fake exhibit. Chutkow does really cool overlapping technique by pulling from original document and pulling it to altered one and removed date. 

A witness said the document date had to be wrong. 

This is what they passed off to you. This would have stood had Pazkiewicz not seen that something was wrong and hunted for the truth. 

Could be wrong but it seems Chutkow is saying this defense exhibit was tampered with after trial began.