Defense lawyer Mike Rataj shaking his head vigorously. 

You've heard from witnesses who did not commit crimes but were compromised by defendants. 

Pay to play system corrupts the system. 

If Kwame hadn't let Ferguson run rampant with his support. 

Thomas talked about Lakeshore. Did they get more contracts? Yes. But when did it happen? After they agreed to Ferguson extortionate demands, paid him $1.7 million in no show plus additional $800,000. 

Lakeshore paid financially and ethically. 

Honest businessmen like Odel Jones did not stand a chance. People who paid taxes, water utility bills, who put Kilpatrick in office, they didn't get goods and services for lowest price and they didn't get honest government. 

You share a common goal to see justice done. you were selected together and represent together. Now you're time to work together to a verdict. In deliberations, keep open mind. If you work together in good faith, you can come to decision that is wiser than any one person in the room. 

Throughout this trial, it has become clear that Kilpatrick and accomplices used public he was elected to serve. He we elected to look out for their welfare. not elected to stuff quietly half a million in his accounts or that Bobby got $83 million on revenue or that his father was middleman. He was entrusted to act for people of Detroit. 

Evelyn read from  Profiles of Courage by then Senator John F. Kennedy. Back in 1973, Kennedy sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver Kennedy spoke about corruption at a college graduation ceremony. She had her own moral standing because of her commitment to public service exemplified by founding the Special Olympics. She had a genuine commitment to the most vulnerable in society. 

this is what she told the college students that day:

"These are most bitter days, and yet, as our leaders stand revealed, we see not evil men but shallow and pathetic men. The final charge against these men, I think, will not be their shabby deals, their frantic cover-ups. No, it will be simply that having been given extraordinary power and opportunity to make life better in this nation and the world, they scarcely tried.... Their message was grab what you can and run. Let them run now, and let us see if we can make something grow in the desert they have left behind. ---Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1973"

I am sorry to say that the bitter days are the city during the Kilpatrick administration. The scale of corruption was breathtaking. 

We cannot turn away and ignore corruption. Time for former mayor and accomplices to be held accountable for crimes. Assess responsibility for shameful events that transpired in the city. We have given you the tools. We took great case to select you as jurors. Make no mistake this is a case that can be decided. That should be decided. All of us in this room know beyond a reasonable doubt that you are the people to decide it. 

We hand this case to you. 

Wow. An incredibly powerful conclusion. 

10:51AM Sidebar. 

Judge says she has 2 additional substantive instructions. She is reading. 

Supplemental instruction regarding count 1. To clarify, as I instructed previously, government must prove that defendant or one or more of conspirators engaged in pattern of racketeering activity. Most include at least 2 of the listed crimes. 

Now wants to clarify that the verdict must be unanimous as to which types of racketeering activity were committed. must be unanimous with respect to 2 underlying acts. 

Clarification of numbering of exhibits that has to be read into evidence. Judge reads through the revisions. Reads about government exhibits that are withdrawn. Defense exhibits that are admitted. 

Also reads corrections to the trial transcript. 

Judge turns to page 66 of jury instructions. Instructions on deliberations. First, must select a fore person. 

Once they start deliberating, cannot talk to anyone but most communicate by writing and judge will respond as quickly as possible. Might have to confer with counsel. 

They can't write down if they are split. That needs to stay secret until they are finished.