Can only make decision based on what they have seen and heard in court, Can't conduct individual investigation. Ads in consulting dictionaries or internet to get more information. Make decision only on evidence seen and heard in court. 

Verdict, guilty or not guilty, most be unanimous. To find guilty, government must have convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. Not guilty, government failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Talk to each other and listen respectfully. Try best to work out differences. Don't hesitate to change your mind but don't do so just to get case over with. 

Own vote is your own vote. No one can hear discussions in jury room and no record will be kept. So speak freely. 

If you elected to take notes, they should be used only as memory aides. Rely on recollection of evidence and don't be influenced by notes of other jurors. All most form own opinions as to the facts. 

If you decide the government has proved one or more of defendants guilty, I will decide the punishment. 

I have prepared a verdict form to record the verdict. It's fairly long. Judge reads it out. 

Lists all the counts, the names of defendants involved and guilty or not guilty. 

If you feel government has proved beyond a reasonable, say so by marking the appropriate place on the form and handing it to fore person. 

Let me finish up by repeating something I said earlier. 

you decide for yourselves if the government has proved defendants guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 

11:15AM Now this is a sad moment. Judge sounds teary. I need to dismiss the alternate jurors. These people who sat here for months and won't get to deliberate. It's truly a gift you have given the community. Not words to thank you enough for your conscientious service. 

Jurors have asked to have lunch together. Can't discuss case during lunch. Deliberations can't start until after lunch. They have also asked for formal deliberations to not start until Tuesday morning. Can use time this afternoon to review notes. 

Want to say also for purpose of the press. It happens that sometimes an alternate is called on to replace sitting juror during deliberations. You are excused from court but not excused from case. Media may not speak to them about questions regarding the case. 

Judge swearing in court officers. 

Four alternates should still not read or listen to anything relating to case because they may still be called back. 

Court officers sworn in so they can now respond to questions. 

11:19AM Adjourned for the day. Thank you very much. 

Starting Tuesday deliberating from 9AM until 4:30PM. 

Judge thanking counsel for hard work, courtesy to each other and her. It's been a pleasure to work with you. 

Many lawyers respond "Likewise." 

Monitors turn off. 

And is it for the trial. Formal jury deliberations begin next Tuesday. Now we await a verdict.

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