Monitors are on and the courtroom is packed. Don't think it has ever been this overflowing. 

Bullotta looks set to go. Looks like he might be playing some audio/visual recordings. 

Bernard Kilpatrick is at the table, but no Kwame or Bobby yet. Waiting until the very last second it would seem. 

12:30PM Here come Kwame and Bobby. Everyone is in place and there is definitely an atmosphere of expectation. 

Judge Edmunds comes in. "Full house," declares the judge. 

Bullotta looks nervous. Our democracy depends on elected officials represent our needs and not coming into public office and turning into business. 

Defendants turned office into Kilpatrick Inc, a private business machine. 

Four words: no deals without me. Tells you everything about this case. 

If you didn't pay, you didn't have a contract. and if you did have one, it could get cancelled. 

It didn't matter if you had the lowest bid or if the mayor's office got call after call about bad service at Cobo. 

It may not have cost the defendants anything, but it cost Detroiters. 

Ferguson was $1.6 million higher, on Heilmann Ferguson was higher. Ferguson was paid $1.7 million for no work. 

No deal without me was their mantra. 

They looked to line their pockets. "I am famous now just need to get me some money," said Ferguson. "Lol. Let's get you some," said Kwame. "Us," responded Ferguson. 

Why would a public servant do that. the truth is that Kwame wanted to help himself more than the people. His take home was $605,000 while he was in office but he paid out $1.4 million. He had cars, a staff on beck a call but still needed $840,000 more. And that was just what was found. 

This started back in 2000 when they pushed Arts council money. Ferguson said money was going to be used for seniors and kids. Bob Murray testified he built himself a presidential office with that money, a spiral office that led to the "chilling room." 

When documentation was requested, Kwame told Derrick Miller to go get with Ferguson who testified that he didn't think the money didn't exist. It didn't. 

They got the first half $250,000 but didn't get the second half. The state got an altered document that they were doing work station partitions and a training area. 

Looking at the invoice from Bob Murray that talks about marble molding. 

Bobby Ferguson didn't just alter but made up invoices. 

Airtec Corp witness testified that there was a false invoice. On the real one, customer is FEI. On fake one, it's the non-profit. 

Bobby bought himself a duplex on Meyers St. Let it sit there and no one lived there. Didn't use it for seniors or youth. Witness from next door testified that he bought the house at twice the price. 

Kwame made all that possible in 2000. In return, 3D wire transferred $100,000 to Carlita Kilpatrick. 

Kwame talked to Edgar Vann to get a grant for $300,000. He did but the catch was to hire Carlita and pay her $75,000. Donna Williams testified they paid her half. Carlita was meant to teach school kids about non-violence. Sadly, she didn't teach a single student or provide materials. 

Williams got an angry call from Kwame for declaring she had paid Carlita. Williams and Vanguard had to pay the state back.