Text "Walbridge is not playing ball... they need to be made believers they are not in control," texted Ferguson to Kwame. He ended up getting $13.4 million.

Walbridge lost $140 million pump station contract. They didn't want to give 30% to Ferguson- "no deal without me" was in full force. Bullotta notes how many notes jurors taking. Heilmann Rec Center- heard from Johnson Akinwusi of JOA construction. He testified that he lost contracts when Kwame came into office. Went to tailor Alebusi who told him to pay for mayor's suits- $4,800 at Fashion International. Alebusi told mayor and low and behold Akinwusi gets request for bid on contract.

Akinwusi got a visit from Ferguson employee who said they wanted 36% for Xcel. Akinwusi accepted because "no deal without me" was rampant in Detroit.

This contract was also rigged. The joint venture JOA/Xcel was ranked 4 out of 5 but they had an ace in the sleeve because Christine Beatty was Chairman of board of DBA and under her was Ayanna Benson, a Kwame relative.

On June 19th 2003, they won the bid. That day, Ferguson to Beatty: "Thank you I love you, you are for sure my sister." "What did I do?" texts back Beatty. "Benson." replies Ferguson.

LaJuan Wilkes testified the joint venture did a terrible job on the recreation center. She said Xcel didn't show up on site. She made a mistake by complaining to her boss Vincent Anwunah. Ferguson went to her boss's office and demeaned her by threatening her job. Anwunah just sat there because he knew the power of Ferguson. Heard from officer Michael Fountain who gave out environmental tickets. Ferguson was dumping trash on city property. Ferguson who was head of Motor City Makeover. Ferguson went in February 2002 and showed up in court, flanked by EPU.

1:53PM Sudden stop. Seems there is a juror issue. Taking a momentary break.

1:55PM Juror back.

Ferguson came to court flanked by 2 Detroit police officers from EPU. Bobby approached officer fountain and told him it was in his best interest to dismiss tickets. "We know you live in the city and have 2 kids." A direct threat. Officer Fountain went and told the prosecutor to dismiss tickets because he was afraid. If a police officer is afraid, don't you think Avinash Rachmale from a small village in India won't be scared too?

Talking about Marc Andre Cunningham. Syncom, his uncle's company, got $30 million investment from 2 city pension funds, and he got a commission. Once he started working for the city of Detroit, he got word he'd have to pay Bernard Kilpatrick. Why? "No deal without me."

Cunningham gave Bernard cash in the barber shop of City County. Sometimes Kwame would ask about it.

Heard from Derrick Miller who talked about different parts of case. He was Kwame's best friend since 9th grade. He was chief administrative officer in 2002. Miller had a real estate scheme with Jones Lang Lasalle where a commission would be paid with Tim Cook and he would be paid commissions. Jones Lang Lasalle needed contract with city. City was leaning towards Staubach group. Miller went to Kwame and said Jones Long Lasalle deal would be lucrative. Jones Long Lasalle got deal and Cook would pay Miller who would pay mayor. "Cool," would say mayor when he took the money.

Andrew Park who started Asian restaurant in fall of 2007. He's fallen on hard times and needed an investment from city pension funds. Kwame found out about it and told Miller see if you can get cash from Asian Village guys. Miller got $10,000 which he gave Kwame in the bathroom of Asian Village.

On to Karl Kado. Cobo Hall controlled by city of Detroit.

Kado got a $6 million annual cleaning contract and an electrical contract for $10 million. It was an exclusive contract for Metro Services. He testified that the mayor would call him and say he had to see him. He testified that meant he gave him money, often $10,000 in cash. Text from secretary, "Mr. Mayor Karl Kado missed your call just now."

Miller testified that on a couple of occasions he picked up cash for the mayor from Kado. It was not a gift, it was bribery. He also paid Bernard between$200, 000 and $300,000 including a final payment of $100,000. "Last thing for today is you have to call Lou and give OK for Carl to deal with the electrical in June." text from Bernard to Miller. Bernard is not mayor but he is telling Miller to call director of Cobo to deal with electrical contract.

Mr. Shea would like you to think that it was on the up and up and Kado hired Bernard as a consultant.

On August 30th 2005, a letter was sent to Kado that he was under federal investigation. He showed the letter to Bernard who patted him down. It's that something your consultant usually does.

Offered Kado10 more years on his contract if he didn't talk to FBI.

Kado was owed about $3 million from city on contracts. Bernard told him he wanted 10% of that money and if he didn't do it, it would get held up for years.

Talking about sludge company Synagro with hugest contract in this case, $1.1 billion over 25 years. Heard from Jame Rosendall about taking over Minergy contract with Synagro. Met mayor when he was a state rep and gave him campaign checks. Rosendall attended party in Manoogian in winter of 2004 where he took him to the basement and introduced him to Bernard and told him "This is the guy I want you to work with."

Rosendall said he figured he had to keep Bernard happy, giving him $5,000 here and there, wining and dining him. Afterward Synagro got the contract, Bernard wanted more.

"Yeah Man this is BK. I'd appreciate a call today. Vacation or no motherf-ing vacation," says Bernard on a recording. Bernard said if he didn't get paid he'd blow up the deal. Extortion 101.

Would a consultant threaten to go to the mayor to blow up a deal? Do you need to meet in the parking lot in winter so FBI doesn't listen? Do you have to give a case of Cristal champagne and $300 wrapped in a gum wrapper? Would a consultant get mad about cash payments in public?

Listen to a wire tap recording of Bernard getting mad at Rosendall. Bernard Kilpatrick was no consultant, he was an extorter. Let's review pattern of "no deal without me."