Contract 1361, no Ferguson cancelled. Amendment #4 held by mayor till Ferguson paid. 2014, DLZ decertified because they don't have Ferguson. Baby Creek, Walbridge with Ferguson, get contract. Kado owed money by city, held until Bernard paid. Extortion illegal and all these defendants guilty of that. Want to talk about count 1, the RICO conspiracy. Conspiracy is an agreement between 2 people to commit a crime. For RICO, need an enterprise, on-going association of people.

Text from Bernard to Kwame "Just met with Bobby Ferguson. The 3 of us need to meet at least twice a month for awhile."

Derrick Miller testified that he attended these meetings. For RICO, 2 of these types of crimes would have to be agreed to commit. Don't have to actually be committed, just agree to do them.

One key fact, ask yourself if Kwame was not in a conspiracy with Bobby and Bernard could they have extorted a single person. Would Lakeshore have paid $850,000? Would Rosendall have paid $300 in cash in December 2007? No. Bullotta thanks Jury. Talks about former budget director of the state, Mary Lanoy, Thomas asked her about her power as director of budget.

She thought about it and said, "I had a lot of responsibility." Kwame wanted money and power and was not interested in responsibility. He wanted opportunity.

Corruption that took us almost five months to show you. Kwame thought he was somehow above the law. With your verdict, you can show nobody is above the law. Now I ask you to find them guilty of every single count in this indictment.

2:18PM Judge dismisses jury and we'll be back with defense closing tomorrow.

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