During the break, Hardiman was talking with John Shea from the witness stand hoping Chutkow's questions would be the end of his testimony.  

Shea reminded Hardiman "there is still re-ross."  Hardiman was despondent.


Back in session.  FEI was part of DWSD-865 and also part of the east side project and CM-2014 yet they were not listed on the proposals.  The project team members listed did not include FEI. 

 Ferguson came to Hardiman and told him "these are my streets."  Ferguson wanted seven streets from the contract.  

Hardiman indicated other contractors could have done the work, but Ferguson threatened Hardiman and went over his head to Avinash Rachmale.  Rachmale told Hardiman because of the lost 10 million and 5 million contract - Ferguson had to get some of their work: "let Bobby have those streets!"

Ferguson told Hardiman "if you mess with me, I will shut you down."  Ferguson reminded Hardiman of his friendship with the mayor.

Chutkow asks: "Did you feel $600,000 you paid to Ferguson for CM-1061 was part of your common shared values and goals as to promoting African American business?" 

Hardiman responded - "No!"  

Hardiman wanted to "let Bobby jump into the river" but his boss Avinash Rachmale knew he needed Ferguson to get the contracts.



Chutkow is done, Judge calls the end of day and tells Hardiman "we will see you tomorrow Mr. Hardiman."  "Unless there are no further questions?" 

Evelyn indicated there are more, and Hardiman recoiled into the witness stand with a glazed look. 

The Judge responded: "sorry Mr. Hardiman."