"No that's not true," says the witness. 

Again, Evelyn driving home the point that Xcel ended up doing more work than anticipated when Woodhouse had to step in. 

Later meeting minutes shows that many items are completed or in progress. Lists about 17 sub-contractors who have been contacted. Minutes are prepared by Woodhouse. 

Witness says Woodhouse took meeting minutes. Implying that's all he did and did not drive the meetings. 

Sidebar called. 

Evelyn asks for 5 minute break. Judge agrees. 

12:00PM Evelyn promises he is almost finished. Says during break he showed witness documents to review. Evelyn says they were all prepared by Bobby Toliver of Xcel. Range from April 2006 through May 2006. 

Looking at an RFI (Request for Information) from Bobby Toliver to JOA. It's a response to a question on a trench drain. 

The witness fired David Cypher in 2004. Evelyn says the problems that required the witness to fire him impeded the progress of the project. The witness disagrees. 

Evelyn discussing witness's friendship with Woodhouse. Saying that the witness called up Woodhouse this fall. Witness says he did not call him but that Woodhouse visited him in his office. 

Evelyn asks if witness is still frightened by the FBI visit. Witness says no. Evelyn saying that witness asked to borrow $5,000 from Woodhouse. Witness says no. Evelyn tells witness under oath. Witness says he doesn't remember asking for it but he did not get $5,000. 

12:10PM Jim Thomas cross-examines for Kwame Kilpatrick. 

Thomas asking about when FBI agents approached the witness. Witness says he was alone at his office. Witness says he was alone at the meeting and was scared. 

Witness agrees that he was asked about questions about Kilpatrick's administration. 

Thomas says witness told FBI about dealings with Kilpatrick and asked if he gave anything of value to people of city government. Thomas saying that witness told them he did not give the city money. Thomas also saying it was the FBI who brought up a rumor about the witness sending an envelope with money to a clothing store. Witness agrees that he never told them about a purchase of clothing for Kilpatrick at that interview. Also told them he didn't give any money. 

"Are you having problems remembering things?," asks Thomas. Evelyn prodded witness's memory as well. Defense seems to think all witnesses must suffer from dementia. 

Thomas asking about a Christmas party that witness threw in 2001. Kilpatrick was not invited but he went with Larry Alebiosu. Witness had contracts with city of Detroit under Archer at that time: Erma Henderson Marina amongst them. Thomas says witness wasn't taken off of any projects after Kilpatrick took office. No says witness. 

Talking about the Erma Henderson Marina ribbon cutting ceremony. Both witness and Kilpatrick were there. 

Thomas asks if witness took part in any of the other 7 park projects aside from Heilmann during Kilpatrick's administration. Witness says yes on several small ones. 

Witness says he was at a police ceremony ribbon cutting ceremony possibly in 2003. Both witness and Kilpatrick there. 

Thomas saying that witness helped in Manoogian Mansion renovation in 2002 and 2003. Witness agrees. 

Witness says he got a message in 2002 from his secretary saying Kilpatrick's secretary called to request he go meet with the mayor. Witness did not go. 

Witness says he did meet with mayor in Ferguson's office in 2002. 

Looking at mayor's agenda for July 29th 2003 lists a 4pm meeting in Bernard White's office with Ferguson, JOA. 

Thomas saying that with all this contact he did not need Larry Alebiosu to facilitate meeting mayor. Witness says that is not correct.